A Brief Introduction


My name is Malyka Young and I am a young, aspiring writer and creative.

This blog was created for professional purposes to showcase some of my writing samples and works. Although many of these selections are responses to college coursework and assignments, I believe they are solid representations of my writing skill and style. Recently, I have added select published works and edited samples which further showcase my growth and tone.

I thank you for taking the time to read and review some of my works.


My Samples

As I stated in my greeting, this selection is comprised of both published pieces and unpublished samples I wrote during a Spring internship for an independent University of Central Florida online publication as well as coursework I have completed for the Undergraduate English Program at Florida Atlantic University.

Before my coursework, you can find my most recent published pieces and samples. There are 4 pieces that were published and 3 unpublished samples. These are but a small selection which reflect my current style and tone.

My coursework samples are presented in reverse chronological order and include several research-driven blog posts, two academic analysis papers, and one creative Non-fiction piece. By presenting the selections in this order I aim to illustrate how my writing has developed during my time as an undergraduate.

The blog posts were written for an upper-division research writing course. They outline my various research stages while evaluating the relation between Traditional Negro Spirituals/ Sorrow Songs and Modern Rap music.

The first academic paper, “The Strength of a Living Ghost,” is my final thesis for FAU’s English Honors Course. It analyzes the ghost narrator in Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, as well as the novel’s larger implications regarding social exclusion and isolation which stem from systematic oppression.

The second academic paper, “A Place Apart,” is my final paper for a lower-division literary theory course. It interprets Thomas Sayers Ellis’ poem “All Their Stanzas Look Alike,” and connects this interpretation to the issues of African American authorship and rebellion.

Finally, the Creative Non-Fiction piece, Different Rooms, Different Ceilings,” is my final draft for an upper-division creative writing course. Although my passion for writing rests heavily with analytical research and literary interpretation, I do enjoy creative writing as well.

These are a few selections which I believe best display my passion for literature and illustrate my research and writing skills. I hope you enjoy reading them, and I look forward to your response.


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